First, housekeeping: I spent much of the weekend having an early Christmas with family, so I didn’t get to comments or anyone’s blogs over the weekend. I’ll be catching up on those over the next few days as I get time to do so.

Second, weather (because it’s all I talk about). It turned bitterly cold here. So cold that Choppy can only be outside for a few minutes without her paws getting too cold. As she won’t wear booties on her walks, this means walking outside is out of the question until it warms back up to a more reasonable temperature (read: something without a minus sign in front of it). As a result, we’ve temporarily moved our daily walk indoors. Choppy follows me around with a toy and we get our walk in. Ideal? No. But far better than going out in the cold!

Date: December 18, 2016
Location: Home
Length: 1.3 Miles
Temperature Outside: -7° F (-21.6° C)
Temperature Inside: 70° F (21.1° C)
Who: Sarah & Choppy

Hoping Santa adds to the toy box in a few days.