As I mentioned in the ‘Where’s Choppy?’ post from a couple weeks ago, my dad was in Serbia and took a flat cutout of Choppy with him to take pictures of ‘Choppy’ while there. Below are some of the pictures he took – I think you’ll like them a lot. I’ll do another set tomorrow as well.

Before I get to that, though, I wondered if anyone would have any interest in doing something similar wherever you live. In other words, I would send you a Choppy cutout, and you could take pictures of her around your hometown. Then, I would post them here – and, of course, give you a link, a shout out and my everlasting appreciation for providing me with blog material. Let me know if you think that’s something you would be interested in!

Choppy in some bushes. Either that, or a very easy edition of ‘Where’s Choppy?’
No dogs allowed? Choppy is definitely violating that one.
As I am wring these, I realize I should have asked my dad where all these places are. I’m guessing this is part of the school where he was teaching, but I have no idea.
They aren’t chips, they are ‘chipsy.’ I would have gone with ‘chip-ish’ myself.
What are the chances this is an ad for hosiery? I’m going with slim to none.
Which one of these says ‘bacon’?
Another poor edition of ‘Where’s Choppy?’ here.
A street scene.