September 11 is obviously a solemn day here in the States. The campus of our alma mater was an excellent place to observe the day. For those who don’t know, it’s a Catholic university, so there are chapels in all the dorms and a Basilica on campus. It’s also one of the prettiest schools I have ever had the pleasure of visiting, so that’s never a bad thing!

Date: September 11, 2016
Location: Notre Dame, Indiana
Length: 2.3 Miles
Who: Sarah & Paul

The Main Building on campus – also known as the “Golden Dome.” I have approximately 1,000 pictures of it from over the years. This may well be my favorite.
A different view of the Golden Dome and the Basilica, from a walk around one of the lakes on campus.
Assorted water fowl with no fear of humans.
A dog detail on one of the stairways outside the Main Building.
Taking time to remember 2001.