Choppy and Schooner celebrated a holiday every day in August – if you missed any, click the link below to see what sort of fun you missed.

1: National Psychic Day
2: Paul’s Half Birthday
3: International Clown Week
4: Olympics 
5: National Underwear Day
6: National Mustard Day
7: Friendship Day
8: International Cat Day
9: Book Lovers Day
10: Lazy Day
11: Presidential Joke Day
12: Worldwide Art Day
13: National Garage Sale Day
14: Chef Appreciation Day
15: National Relaxation Day
16: National Tell A Joke Day
17: I Love My Feet Day
18: Bad Poetry Day
19: Aviation Day
20: International Tongue Twister Day
21: National Catfish Month
22: Take Your Cat to the Vet Day
23: Ride the Wind Day
24: Knife Day
25: Kiss and Make Up Day
26: National Dog Day
27: Just Because Day
28: Race Your Mouse Day
29: Admit You’re Happy Month
30: First Day of School
31: Love Litigating Lawyers Day