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In law school, we referred to Mondays as “Beer Pong Monday” because it was the night of the week we went to Paul and another friend’s house to play beer pong. Yes, on Monday. And they had a custom-built beer pong table.  It was quite college-like.

Long story short, Beer Pong Day is a day I can get behind. Now, if only they would always celebrate it on Monday, that would be even better.

Choppy looks like a natural at this.
Outtake Time: I have no idea what was going on with Choppy’s hat here.
Distracted cat time. But at least you can see we set up both sides of the beer pong table.
I was having a hard time getting Schooner to stay on the table. Choppy, being sweet and wanting to please, jumped on the table without prompting to show Schooner how it is done.