We’ve made it to the end – it’s been a scratch-filled journey for some of us, but we’re here on the last day of the April A to Z Challenge.

And not to worry – dress up will not end. I mean, next week we get both Star Wars Day and Cinco de Mayo, and I just found Choppy’s sombrero in the moving boxes (yes, we’re still unpacking eight months after moving in). I’m certainly not going to let those two days go by without torturing lovingly dressing up the dog and cat.

Z is for Zookeeper! As you can see, Choppy has no fear of the animal in her keep.
Outtake Time! Here you can see theΒ Felis catusΒ engaged in the natural activity of cleaning itself, instead of looking at the camera.
I’m pretty sure Choppy was making a fart noise here and blaming it on Schooner. (And yes, that’s exactly how we’re ending this month of photos. Fart noises.)