Happy Friday! I hope everyone has some excellent weekend plans – I am already looking forward to some beautiful weather here tomorrow, so Choppy and I can get out for a nice, long walk in the morning.

Today’s “Where’s Choppy?” post features a picture from our walk this morning. As you can see, it was a foggy morning. This is just a couple blocks from our house, and it doesn’t normally look so artistic (thank the weather for that). Once you’ve found Choppy, there is also a Red Winged Blackbird in the picture, and you can search for him, too (based on how many I heard/saw this morning, there may well be more than one – but there is one obvious fellow in the picture).


The weekly instructions and warning:

Choppy isย somewhere in the photo below. We will post an answer on Monday so you can see if you are correct in your guess as to her location. In the meantime, if you donโ€™t want to know where she is, do not go look at the comments. They are full of answers. And poor guesses. But mostly answers.