This week has been busy. On Sunday, we had Choppy’s Gotcha Day. There are pictures below, and not even a week late – I’m really getting this whole blogging thing down! I had a major work deadline on Monday that had kept me from the blogging world on a regular basis over the last six weeks, so it’s a relief to have that behind. My excuse going forward when I neglect the blog is yet to be determined. On Wednesday, we went out for a fancy belated birthday dinner (see the previous statement on work – it wasn’t just the blog it affected!) and a concert on Thursday. In between, there were walks and work trips and cat play time for Choppy – plenty of pictures below!

It was quite warm last weekend, so we took Choppy out for a hike on the Glacial Drumlin Trail, which is a bike trail in summer and a snowmobile trail in winter (at least, it is a snowmobile trail when there is any snow to speak of).
Snow? No. Ice? Yes.
A Gotcha Day treat.
More Gotcha Day treats. With a cat who should be eyed suspiciously involved.
Don’t let this fool you – they aren’t quite friends yet.
It’s not a week with Choppy unless she is sleeping on the job.
Who? Me? Sleep while working? Never!


This week, I have something a little different as well – it’s a short video of some clips we shot this week. Enjoy!