Yesterday, when I took Choppy for her morning walk, this was the temperature:


A little later, I looked at the weekend forecast:


These forecasts inspired three immediate Wisconsin thoughts:

1. “Oh, it’s so warm.”

Do you know what is warm about 11 degrees Fahrenheit (-11 Celsius)? Nothing, if you’re a normal person who lives somewhere with normal temperatures. If, however, you live in Wisconsin and the temperature the previous day  was -4 degrees F (-20 C) and -7 degrees F (-22 C) the day before that, 11 degrees F is downright balmy.

2. “Of course it’s warm, it’s snowing.”

When it’s truly cold, it doesn’t snow, which is why you will regularly hear people around here say the related phrase, “it’s too cold to snow.” Cold air is dry air, so it rarely snows when it gets super cold. Again, most people live in normal places where this makes no sense because everyone knows it has to be cold to snow.

3. “Ooh, there’s a heat wave headed our way!”

It is going to be one degree above freezing on Sunday (freezing is 32 degrees F, for my non-American friends). I expect I will see shorts broken out (though I did see someone wearing them on Sunday, when it was probably too cold for them. Probably. So I guess it’s already warm enough for them).

It’s so hot, someone had to roll around in the snow to cool down.