Today is paperback book day – which is a perfect day for me to suggest you go visit the website of Leah Ferguson, one of my two awesome my sisters-in-law. Her first novel, All the Difference, comes out in almost exactly a month. I read an advance copy of the book, and I loved it (as in, read the whole thing in one sitting sort of love, then forgot to tell her this little detail when I texted her about it several days later – but I guess she knows now! Yay Internet!). It’s exactly the sort of book I have to limit myself to reading – fast-paced and funny, it’s like reading about the adventures of a friend (or someone I would like to be friends with). Anyway, the point of this is, go to her website and pre-order a copy!

(P.S. – It’s not just me who likes it. Here’s some other people who do, too, and I am pretty sure Leah isn’t related to any of them).

Choppy gives this book four paws up.
Choppy gives this book four paws up.

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