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Picture Time: Bad Trade Time – Typos: I find them far more amusing than they actually are.

A Preview You Didn’t Ask For – Last week, Paul and I were in Hawaii. Choppy could not go with us. I solved the problem in a somewhat disturbing way.

Yup. I got a cutout of Choppy to take to Hawaii.
Yup. I got a cutout of Choppy to take to Hawaii.

Six Years with Choppy – This week was the week I brought Choppy home from the Terre Haute Humane Society – six years ago.

Throwback Thursday: Unhappy Socks Edition – Socks: not always boring.

“Choppy” and the Naked Truth of the Kalalau Valley – Nudists? Check. Hippie pizza parlor? Check. Choppy? Check (sort of).

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Choppy gets dressed up for her Gotcha Week.

Happy Gotcha Day, Choppy!

Choppy celebrates National Grammar Day.

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