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Sunday Stuff: January 4 – A few links to interesting things I saw on blogs last week.

Choppy by Letter: G is for Gulf Islands – A return to our time at Gulf Islands National Seashore – and the taking of the pictures that grace the headers of our blog and Facebook page.

Cold? What Cold? – It is not warm in Wisconsin this week. Choppy still seems to think she should stick her head out the car window. And I let her do it.

Throwback Thursday: Camping – Having posted about Gulf Islands earlier in the week, I just continued it for Throwback Thursday. It’s the happiest picture I think I have of Choppy camping.

Choppy Camping

Week in Review: January 9 – Choppy’s week in pictures!

Choppy’s Facebook Page

It was a quiet week over on Choppy’s Facebook page – my plans to get a fun, new post up have not proceeded at all. In the meantime, I posted a picture of Choppy as cotton candy. General opinion is that she looks nothing like cotton candy.

Cotton Candy Choppy

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