I’ve missed the last couple Sundays for Sunday Stuff, so some of these links are a bit old (but they’re still good!).

Week 1 at LCB – Let’s cut veggies

Although I am by no means an excellent chef, I do enjoy cooking (poor Paul never thought he would have to watch so much of the Food Network and Cooking Channel when he got married). This blog is a weekly look at one person’s trip through a semester at Le Cordon Bleu – and it’s fascinating. From recipes to cutting vegetables to cutting fingers (accidentally), I find it to be a fascinating look at what it takes to begin learning about how to be a chef.

Also, it will make you hungry. Just  warning you.

I Can English Wednesday

Anyone who has attempted to learn a foreign language and then use that language to communicate in a foreign country is likely to have stories about their experience. I’ve made a note to blog about some of my own experiences as someone living abroad (not at the moment, but back in college and before I went to law school, when I lived in China and Japan, respectively), but until I get to that, here’s a great (and humorous) link to a story that sounds about par for the course when it comes to life in a different language.

Janey in Mersin

Following up on the last post, this isn’t a link to specific content, but a blog in general. Janey in Mersin is a blog about a woman who uproots her life to go live in small town Turkey. I think it’s a fascinating look at something that almost no one will ever do, and I look forward to any and all new posts on the blog!

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