There is so much I love all over the Internet on any given day, I wanted to do a feature (probably every week) about some of the things I have enjoyed (and you might enjoy as well).

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Territorial

First, something from my sister-in-law, Leah. I come from a family that tends to end up all over – my brother and sister-in-law (my other one) lived in California and Louisiana for years, my sister lives over 600 miles away from me now and I’ve lived in Asia on two separate occasions. My extended family is all over the United States and the globe. While I personally relish the chance to get on a plane and visit people, I can’t imagine having to explain that to a kid who has grown up with her family just a few miles down the road. Leah has the unfortunate job of doing so with her kids now that Paul, my husband, has moved to be here with me, and I’m not going to lie – I got more than a little teary reading this.

In news related to this, life would be much easier if someone gave us all jobs in Key West and all our families could just live there in the warmth. With their ice cream stores.

(Also? Leah has a book coming out next year. You should totally follow her blog or her Facebook. And, obviously, buy her book, All the Difference, when it comes out in September 2015).

A Shelter Does the Impossible: Finds Homes for All Its Dogs

October is Adopt-a-Shelter Dog Month. I grew up with a shelter dog, and when it was time to get a dog for myself, I didn’t entertain the idea of getting a dog anywhere else: Choppy was plucked from a kennel at the local shelter. Even using the most optimistic numbers available, approximately 1 in 3 animals that end up in a shelter will be euthanized (using more pessimistic numbers, well over half of animals that end up in a shelter will be euthanized). Thus, when you see a story like this one – where a shelter found homes for all of its dogs – it is amazing.

(Also? I should totally not look at stories on shelter dogs. It just makes me want another dog…).

This Month, We Write IN HELL – To NaNo or Not to NaNo

Here’s one for the writers out there: a post on the event/craziness/horrible & awesome idea known as NaNo – or, to be more precise, National Novel Writing Month. Every November, writers around the world decide to take on the crazy idea of writing a novel in one month (November). Is it insane? Yes. It is fun? Depends on how masochistic you are. I’ve done it in the past, and am (as I always am around this time in October) on the fence about whether I will do it this year. I mean, I’m about to start a new job and move several hundred miles – why wouldn’t this be a good idea? I am sure I will have plenty of time.

(Also? I love the beginning of this post about big sisters being pathological liars. Totally untrue, obviously. My brother and sister can totally attest to that).


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