As of Friday, Choppy and I are back on the road again!

On the Road AgainAs always, Willie provides the soundtrack to start the trip. Also making an appearance? My finger. In case anyone was wondering if my photography skills have improved, there’s your answer.

It feels great to be on the road again, even if on our first day on the road, Choppy and I barely made it out of Indiana before stopping for the night (considering we live approximately 5 miles from the Indiana border, this is not saying a whole lot. Though in our defense, we were heading to a different border on this trip).

On the plus side, there was a good reason to stop the trip after only a few hours on the road: the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. The plan? Take Saturday to explore a couple distilleries and get the trip off to a relaxing start.

Choppy Goes to Maker's Mark DistilleryOn Saturday mornings as a kid, I watched cartoons. This? Definitely an improvement.

The first stop of the day on Saturday was Maker’s Mark Distillery. I had expected to pay a nominal amount to take the tour and (more importantly) get some free samples, but I found myself at a Maker’s festival, where there was no admission fee, a self-guided tour only, and free food to go along with the free drinks. I wholeheartedly approved of this unexpected development.

I also approved of my next stop, the Jim Beam Distillery. It was far less crowded than Maker’s, but there was no paid available tour for several hours. So they gave me a ticket for the free self-guided tour, which still had the tasting at the end of it. In related news, this self guided herself on a tour that lasted approximately 4 minutes (most of which were spent interpreting the map to determine where the samples were available and how best to get there, followed by the actual trek to find said samples).

In related news, I would make an awesome tour guide.

The next stop of the trip is Nashville, as Choppy and I meander our way to Key West, where we have reservations later this week. Considering we have traveled approximately 4.5 hours from home in two days, and Key West is still 16 hours away, we may have to pick up our pace at some point. Though we could do that whole drive in one day if need be (note to self: do not take this statement seriously). In the meantime, a few more pictures from the tour of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail.

Beautiful Maker's Mark DistilleryFree drinks and beautiful spring scenery? I approve. Not pictured: Me drinking a cocktail at 11:00 AM. A fact of which I also approve.

Babies Need Alcohol TooNot pictured: the baby or babies who belong with this stroller stashed amid the pallets of Maker’s. However, I do know that the parents who belong with said babies are probably awesome parents, because obviously, only awesome parents allow their children to wander distilleries. In related news, my brother and sister-in-law are probably re-thinking my status as their child’s Godmother.

Dippin' Maker's WhiteThings I have ruled out as future careers include, but are not limited to, working the dipping line at Maker’s. Mostly because of the horrid outfit I would have to wear…

Bad Dipping Technique…but also because I am very, very bad at dipping bottles. As you can see from this bottle of white whiskey that I was dipping in the above-picture, with its random little wax tail. Also? I am pretty sure this is just legal moonshine.

A Day on the Bourbon TrailFree drinks and learning about Jim Beam’s various whiskeys and bourbons? That’s a good day.

A Good Day's HaulNo, wait. This as a haul for the day? That’s a good day.