Choppy and I are in Corpus Christi, Texas this evening, staying at an…interesting hotel. “Interesting” is what happens when you not only need to choose a hotel at the lower end of the price spectrum, but also a hotel that accepts dogs. It’s also an adjective that is more likely to arise when you’ve been staying with friends for the last three nights in their nice suburban home, and thus the shock of a hotel room that is not necessarily your first choice in a hotel room is that much more apparent than it would be if, say, you’d just been camping for a week and your only requirement in a hotel room is a shower and heat.

That said, it’s not the worst hotel ever (not even close). The room is clean, the people at the hotel (it’s a major chain) are quite nice, and in reality, the room really is more interesting/amusing in its randomness than it is bad. However, it’s definitely not the sort of place I would stay if I had a larger budget/lack of a dog. I have some pictures to illustrate what I am talking about.

Towel BarThis is a towel bar in my shower. I have never seen one made out of two different types of metals before. I don’t think I will be using this to hang any towels. Actually, I’m going to try not to touch it. I take back the previous statement on cleanliness. This doesn’t look clean. At all.

Hotel CurtainsI’m not sure if the pictures do them justice, but the curtains are an iridescent blue/purple taffeta-like material. If some young lady here in Corpus Christi needs me to create a prom dress for her this evening, I can totally use these to go all Scarlett O’Hara and create her a curtain dress.

Random Hotel ChairThis is a random chair stuffed into a corner near the sink. There are also two chairs at a table in this room. While I appreciate the greater-than-normal number of seating options, I think this space could be used better. Like for an ironing board. Because this room does not have one. Also, note the random places on the floor where it appears someone spilled bleach. At least, that’s what I am telling myself the random spots are.

Random PaintingActually, I kind of like this painting. I don’t know why I included this. I’ll add another picture to make up for it.

BedspreadHere is the bedspread. Evidently, the blue of the curtains was meant to bring out the blue of the flowers in the bedspread. It did not work.

Old TVI graduated from high school in 1997 (for those keeping score at home, that’s soon-to-be 16 years ago). This television was already old then.

On the plus side, when I am camping again, the memories of this room will be there to improve the camping experience. So there’s that.